Workshop for Creative Mediumship

If you would like to enroll on one of our workshops or courses to freely discover and explore your Mediumship to help find your own unique way that Mediumship make sense to you, then come and join us and together with like minded people find that missing piece of your own special way of working, explore new ways of connecting through art, symbols creativity, intuition and psychic development. connecting with the spirit world is a gift and a privilege, it can bring so much joy and comfort to people who have lost loved ones, its healing uplifting and can change people by helping them move through their grief into a happier place in their lives. For those of you who choose to dedicate time and energy to develop your gifts in order to bring peace and comfort to others, you are more of a blessing than you know.

We are all different and at different stages in our development and that’s a good thing, we all interpret things differently because we have all had unique life experiences and its those experiences that shape us and how we see the world and the world beyond. we can all earn from each other by connecting with like minded people and enjoying each other’s differences, this is what makes our courses fun, indepth and unique, we encourage you to to develop your own unique gift to be free to be you and enjoy working with each other by sharing your knowledge and experiences and supporting each other through the course as you grow and develop. Hugs & Blessings & look forward to seeing you very soon.

  • Integrity in Mediumship
  • Creativity in Mediumship
  • Exploring your unique Mediumship

Due to the ever changing situation with COVID - 19 we will be conducting all workshops and courses via zoom.