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We are so happy you found us and we invite you to explore our lovely website 

If you have been guided here the chances are your looking for something that will help you to find the next step on the ladder of your spiritual journey.

We can all get to a point in our lives where we feel the need to learn more about ourselves to follow our instincts and to explore our inner selves, whether its through psychic development, spiritual development, mediumship, healing or personal development we all need help to find a way that helps us express our unique and special way of working within these genre's without fear or judgement,  here at My Inner Joy we encourage you to explore that uniqueness and grow into the best version of you as you learn and grow, our motto is explore, experience ,expand and that is what we passionately encourage you to do, when you work from your heart and follow your instincts the real you shines strong and bright and with our encouragement we want you to shine your light for the good of your spirit and your soul

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Courses & Workshops

Workshops & Courses

We run courses and workshops that encourage your uniqueness, we encourage you to open your mind and your heart to new ways of expressing your spiritual self through mediumship, art and meditation.

The courses and workshops are indepth and relaxed and full of encouragement to explore you’re inner joy, so why not come along and take that next step to help you explore your unique self and have fun while doing it.

For dates times and costs check our courses and workshops page.

Due to the ever changing situation with COVID - 19 we will be conducting all workshops and courses via zoom.